POST MATCH #3 Leicester City U23s

DEM BLADES may have fond memories of Leicester. For one, Jack. For two, that time where Jagz donned the gloves after Paddy Kenny was headbutted in the tunnel at half time and, when the full-time whistle sounded, Neil Warnock shook every opposing playe…no wait, that was Millwall.

The Foxes really are a forgettable side…For two, a memorable match was the victory that began our  run toward promotion to the Premiership, as recently 4,399 days ago (or 12 years, 6 days).

The 4-1 win was a great start to a great season, where Steve Kabba looked good, Danny Webber looked better, Neil Shipperley looked fat and Ade Akinbyi looked lost. An abiding memory from that match came after DEM BLADES fans were singing, ‘We hate Wednesday,’ the Foxes Fans-and this is witty- chanted ‘We hate Tuesday’ in opposition.

It’s that wit and originality that keeps the Foxes in the public consciousness. There is nothing else, whatsoever, memorable about this middling, Midlands club. That was, until this evening, where they faced DEM BLADES in the Caribou Cup.


Let’s put the Foxes embarrassing attempt to curry favour abroad by hiring an Englishman called Shakespeare to one side, they are a good team and, unforgettable as he looks, his name has an enduring, unsackable appeal.

To quote Craig Shakespeare:

Am I so round with you as you with me,
That like a football you do spurn me thus?
You spurn me hence, and he will spurn me hither:
If I last in this service, you must case me in leather.

One of his many phrases known to elicit gaiety around the Leicester training ground, particularly from Jamie Vardy:


They’ve come along way though, in all seriousness. Back in 2005, they had the likes of Mark de Vries and Elvis Hammond. Whilst their Elvis Hammond is now their Jamie Vardy, we should not forget that our Steve Kabba is now our Billy Sharp. Of course, he was our Billy Sharp back 2005 also; we have both made improvements, let’s leave it at that. The important fact here is that we are comparable clubs.

DEM 90 Mins

When I saw their team sheet I laughed. I’d never heard of Musa. But his performance begged the biggest question throughout the ninety minutes: who is doing the best Ali Dia impression, Ahmed Musa or Ched Evans?

Beyond that, they had more quality. The 1-4 loss, a reversal from our victory 12 years ago was justified. But we drew the first half and that was tough, considering how forgettable Leicester made it. Demarai Gray was a different class, as were their strikers and ex DEM BLADES centre-half, Harry Maguire.


Let’s skip over the Ched debate…there isn’t one, the ball sticks to his feet in the way that paper doesn’t stick to old sellotape. But why get bogged down in such discussion, it was a meaningless, forgettable U23 match and attentions should turn to Saturday’s game against Derby Can’t-he.

That said, it was worth turning up for Paul Coutts.

Forget David Brooks, who looked good, or George Baldock, who looked promising. Paul Coutts’ cameo showed why he’s gone from whipped twitter-superstar to dominating central midfielder.


Undoubtedly, Paul Coutts.




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