Post-match – Burningham FC

DEM BLADES succumbed to a 1-1 loss at the hands of Birnimham City. The opposition’s father-son team of Steve and David Cotterill have only been in the job for a number of months and they have developed a strong spine to the team, which is more than I can say for Jotter.


Burmnigham is a small city due-west of Kidderminster. On Wikipedia, it is described as the most pompous city outside of London, but I’d go one further and say down-right snakey.  If you continue to scour that reliable news source, you come to a section that reads ‘Owners.’ This section details who exactly owns the club. The answer: ‘Trillion Trophy.’ Call me a stickler for facts, but I don’t think that Brmingham have a trillion trophies.

The ownership structure deemed it sensible to employ the people’s champion, Harry Redknapp. He did what ‘Arry does best. Spend money, buy everything, play dumb and blame the dog. The metaphorical dog amongst the flurry of Redknappian[1] signings was Jota, who we have seen once already this season. But more on him later.


DEM ninety minutes showcased the best of League One in La Liga. So dominant were DEM BLADES and so defensive were Brgihma City that I wasn’t sure whether the opposition was more reminiscent of Swindon or Rochdale…Rochdale I think.

That said, Birhgam went ahead. They scored a goal that has become DEM BLADES favourite way to concede. Jeremy Bogey cut in from the left-hand side and curled one into the corner of the net, leaving Jamal Blackman to do little else but pick his nose.  Very similar to Tuesday night when Sauccison scored Fulham’s second, except it was for Brimington on Saturday evening and it was their first.

In the second half, Samir Carruthers and David Brooks entered the field and this gave the team a more defined edge when running at the opposition. The effectiveness of Wilder’s substitutions quickly resulted in an equalising goal. Leon Clarke capitalising on the excellent work of David Brooks and Jack O’Connell, with a neat finish. Unfortunately, a winning goal didn’t arrive, but DEM BLADES sit pretty amongst the leaders of the pack and at least we didn’t spend £6-million on that worm…

Jota’s jotter.

We saw Jota on the opening day of the season when he played for The Bs. Back then I described him as being exceptionally strong at keeping the ball in areas of the pitch where the opposition was extremely comfortable. The only amendment I’d make  now, having seen him in the Tesco-blue of Birligham, is that he’s now less skilfull, more ponderous and looks like someone who can’t cope with the pressure of being ‘that player’ that Burmu-ngham fans will remember as the one that Redknapp signed that began a fall from grace into long-term financial instability and probably, in the end, relegation. 

During the game, he often found himself picking up the ball,  doing a few step-overs and flicking it down the flank for the Brumgiham wing-back to run out of touch. He found himself yellow carded when he pulled back John Fleck for gliding past him. He found himself substituted by Jack’s Maghomer in the 79th minute and I guess he regularly finds himself sobbing into his pillow for joining Birmingham.

DEM former BLADES – An interview with Ched Adams

Another player who might wish he never signed for Blirngham is Ched Adams. I caught up with after the game on Twitter…(and before somebody whines, “he’s growing that tache for Movember, cut him slack,” he’s not, he’s sported this fluff all year. He hates charity.)

Ched Adam [Note: if you like Comic Sans MS, as used above, check out my review here (Page 2)]


DEM BLADES hate drawing like I hate Kim Kardashian. I hate her denigrating feminism with the pervasive idea that you can buy your way to fame, I hate her for being married to Kanye West and I feel sorry for her children, North, South, East and Way’Out. The parallels between my hatred of Kim, and DEM BLADES’ hatred of drawing football matches is clear for all to see: they are loathsome, detestable, and pathetic but they are, ultimately, unavoidable over the course of time.

DEM BLADES are still third in the league, our lord Chris Wilder is still our manager, the prophet Alan Knill is still is the assistant, Brian the Blade is still a bizarre husk of a human being and….

Man of the Match

…Paul Coutts is still the man of the match.

[1] Redknappian; the art of investing capital without any cognizant understanding of how our investment might look in future and, when it goes wrong, blaming the dog


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