50 Word Round Up…Swansea City


50 words or less ‘cos we’ve probably lost and you haven’t the time…


Would have took a point. We are so ssssllooooowwwww. Not sure where we are worse…. transitioning to attack or defence. Duff has to play? Egan can’t pass. Lundstram and Evans – meh. Most eye catching thing from the day – the new goylies haircut – bowl and curtains all in one. Wow. David Beeden

It was nervy, individuals were out of position; poor decisions; tactically we got it wrong. That was the queue for the bar. As for the match – we controlled every minute, we never looked troubled, we converted the chances. Whoops, sorry, just remembering the 5-1 win against Swansea in 1989 . Harry Gamson. 

A 2-1 loss to start the season is never good. United didn’t really get going and were left redfaced by two late goals that looked preventable. The Leon Britton Derby had a boring first half with a penalty shout being the only thing of note. The second half brought goals but disappointment. Much improvement needed. John Slingsby

The opening five minutes reminded me of the ‘Wilderness’ that we had in the early part of last season, it was a shame about the rest. Sam Joseph

The most exciting part of the first half was the fancy new electronic advertising boards. United started the second brightly, a goal from Baldock giving them the lead. Swansea stepped up a gear while United looked like the side that stalled last season. A late goal sealed a deserved Swansea victory. Jason Holyhead

Well, that was truly awful from start to finish. It wasn’t United. It wasn’t Wilders United. What a horrendous afternoon. I can’t comprehend the midfield three which has clearly cost us. Distraught but still strangely optimistic… Jonathan Bradley

Overall, in my opinion, a draw would’ve been a fair result, although I think the blades missed an opportunity in this fairly winnable match with Swansea not showing a large amount of quality. But we must learn from our mistakes and we move on to the next one. Beth Rutherford

Baffled by the fifty-word constraint, a pop-eyed Steve Mackan stands at his Lenovo Thinkpad with a sausage roll, crushing the flaky pastry and pork mixture absentmindedly in his fist whilst thinking about that performance. Steve Mackan


2 thoughts on “50 Word Round Up…Swansea City

  1. That Harry Gamson fella knows his stuff. Spot on in every department. No mention of Hendos or Pulp. I reckon he has an inside track in this. Nice one Harry.


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