50 Word Round Up…Middlesbrough


50 words or less, ‘cos we’ve probably lost and you haven’t the time…


The first challenge was to find a pub with the Sky red button. Not easy on a Tuesday night.  By the time I finally sat down, the Blades’ defence had already found the red self destruct button 3 times.  The revised challenge was to find the red ‘off’  button. #resignedtoalongseason. John Cherry

First half, awful defending, for all 3 goals! Stearman needs to come back in for either Egan or Bash! Don’t look like we’ve got goals in us. Second half. Slightly better but couldn’t get worse! Woodburn looks promising. Changes needed for Saturday. Not panicking yet. UTB Brett Gregory

It reminded me that football can be a bad game, played by bad teams, putting me in a bad mood. We need Duffy like Harry Potter needs a firm slap. Steve Mackan

Horrible showing. It’s irritatingly obvious that we need Duffy in the side. CW needs to clock that. I can park my negative feelings on all else so long as this fact is changed next time around. Sam Joseph





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