50 Word Round Up…QPR


It was not as good a game as it was a good three points, excellent in fact. Basham and Henderson the stand-outs. Shape, style, substance was far improved. Fleck better with Duffy. Strikers better with Duffy. Life better with Duffy. Sam Joseph

Pessimists speculated about a relegation battle. I hoped for 3 points and a similar start to last season, keeping top of the League by the end of October a possibility. Wilder’s changes paid off. Duffy, Freeman and Sharp combined for the equaliser and Steerman kept the defence solid at corners. Julian Bell

Not a classic but gutted it out. Pen a bit fortunate (ie never a pen) and it was a game that could have gone either way. Duff made a difference as did all returnees…Bash my MOM. UTB. DeadBat

‘Evan knows we needed those three points after losing a not to be named midfielder this weeks. That not to be named’s namesake also scored for Fleetwood, but for me they can both stay in Lancashire. Pass me mi yorkshire pudding. Bill ‘nah den’ Dearden

I once saw a frog on my front step who looked up at me and smiled. No word of a lie. This was not a game to rival such an experience, but it wasn’t too far off all things considered. Steve Mackan


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