50 Word Round Up…Bolton


50 words longs, cos we’re probably pissed and you can’t arsed.

“Me and me Mam and me Dad and me Nan are on the piss with Alan Knill. Nah nah,  Alan Knill! And we all love Alan Knill!” Best performance in nearly a year – get in. JB

There it was, The Bolton Metropolitan University of Hard knocks and Softs hoofs Derby. Bashman was more Batman. Norwood was more I would. Fleck was like bloody Gandalf. Excellent performance against a team who are only more likeable for a lack of Madine. Steve Mackan 

The Blades were too sharp for unbeaten Bolton as the Trotters went wandering. The white rose certainly gave the red rose a footballing lesson at the University Stadium. It was a game of two halves and United won both of them.  Captain Cliche. 

From the opening day where we were anything but settled, to now, we look a team. Fleck up and running (don’t forget he started slowly last season). Norwood is the perfect foil for EVERYONE in the team. His passing let everyone else pick apart Bolton. Deserved win. Sam Joseph


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