Steve Mackan’s top best links:

1. S2 4SU

Up there with Google and Friends Reunited as the best that the internet has to offer, S2 4SU is the only place for fans (and non-fans) of Sheffield United to discuss the Blades.

2. Roberto Baggio’s Freekick

This is the best game on the internet. Period. Without Roberto Baggio’s Freekick in my life, I might’ve made a much bigger success of myself, but who knows? I may not have either.

3. Under Five Pounds Store

This cheap clothes store offers everything from tee shirts to shirt shirts. I’ve never bought an item that costs more than a fiver.

4. BBC

The BBC, or British Broadcasting Conglomerate have produced some great articles in their time, including the one above which cites Michael Tonge as a future England prospect in the same breath as David Bentley.